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Different restrictions and constraints on the land are necessary in order to preserve our precious nature and avoid exhaustion coming from lands overuse. Therefore, it is essential before acquiring a land plot to know what are the properties of the land. With this package we can investigate whether the plot of interest and its surroundings meet your wishes - be it then finding a suitable living environment, building a solar park or something else.

Discover your maximum renewable energy
production potential

We list the crucial elements you need to know about the power production potential on your landplot. This includes the properties of the panels, maximum solar park and panel area & the estimated monthly and hourly power production. We also provide information about the free production capacity of your closest substation as well as the distance to it. Moreover, we summarise all the important limitations of building a renewable energy park starting from nature protection areas and geological restrictions to utility networks such as gridlines and transportation protection zones.

Need help with planning?

In addition to estimating solar parks potential and finding out the properties of landplots, we can also help you in the search of a suitable landplot, provide you with production optimisation based on your criteria or find the best layouts for solar parks on your land plot. If any of those options is interesting for you, please contact us at

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Valuable landscapes

Green Network


Water restriction zones

Electricity protection zones

Nature protection zones

Protected animal and plant species

Detailed solar energy potential analysis


Data about the nearest substation

Technical information about panels and solar park

Estimated power capacity and yearly net production

Environmental restrictions

Other land use constraints

Additional expertise

Search for a suitable landplot (for solar park or other purpose)

Optimising a solar park (e.g. based on your consumption)

Finding the best solar park layout

Frequently asked questions

1. Why is it important to take into account environmental restrictions while planning a solar park?

If the park to be built is located in an area where restrictions apply (e.g. arable land, nature protection areas), the process of obtaining a building permit is time-consuming or even impossible. It is therefore important that the plot of interest is free from various land use restrictions.

2. Which information I must provide to order a report and how would this data be used?

All we need is your name, e-mail address and cadastral ID. With your name and e-mail address, we can contact you about the completed report, and with the help of the cadaster number, we can perform an analysis to prepare a comprehensive report. See also the terms of use and privacy.

3. In what form the report will be sent to me and will I receive any feedback?

The report will be sent as a PDF file to your email address and we will gladly provide an answer to every question related to it.

4. Is it possible to take into account only a certain area of the cadaster of interest when compiling the report?

Yes, with the order form you can specify which part of the landplot you would like to use for the purpose of building a solar park. This area will then be taken into account. For example, for specification you could use a screenshot from a map, where the specific area is marked.

5. How long does it take to make the report?

Ordering a report takes about 2 minutes with payment. Once the payment has been received, we will start to analyse the sent cadaster unit according to your needs. The area suitability check report will reach you within 3 business days. A detailed report on the potential of solar energy will be completed within 7 working days.

6. What if I have not found a landplot/cadaster of interest, but would still be interested in building a solar park?

No worries! Contact us at and we will find a suitable landplot together.

"If you want to effectively produce green energy, all your development steps have to be as effective as possible. And that's where Rexplorer shines."

Siim Paist, Development Lead @ Sunly

"Rexplorer's ability to analyze vast amounts of  data in a matter of seconds made a search of potential renewable energy sites so much easier!"

Klaus Pilar, Green Finance Manager @ Sunly

The project is co-financed by the Enterprise Estonia as a part of an Estonian-Norwegian cooperation programme Green ICT.
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