We offer community energy workshops

December 2, 2021

By 2050, it is possible that 45% of all energy needed in Europe will be produced by citizens themselves. The big advantage of operating as a community is that the individual investment is smaller, ie the setup of a renewable energy park is more affordable.

To make it easier to start community-based renewable energy projects, we have partnered with Energiaühistu to launch community energy workshops with local communities and local governments.

Rexplorer is an IT company that sees renewable energy and community energy as an ideal field where data can contribute to the emergence of new business models. We helps users find suitable locations for renewable energy production - from land to rooftops with the highest potential. For solar parks, for example, the natural, electrical and infrastructural restrictions on the properties, the objects that cause shadows on the roofs, the angle of the roofs and the direction to the sun are studied.

Rexplorer helps Energiaühistu to quickly assess the potential of properties to produce renewable energy with the community. The platform uses various databases and an automated search system. It helps to locate potential solar and wind farms where there are no restrictions and minimal environmental impact. The platform also offers the best layout for both solar and wind farms and makes the necessary profitability calculations for the initial investment decision. In this way, it can be quickly determined whether it is possible to produce solar or wind energy on the desired plot and offer the most optimal solution considering the consumption patterns.In addition, it is possible to introduce the project to those involved, as a result of which it is possible to involve the community. To do this, Rexplorer models realistic visualizations of a future wind or solar park on aerial photos so that people can see the nature of the project at an early stage in their home.If you are interested in launching community energy in your hometown, invite us to visit!