⚡️ Rexplorer started cooperation with Energiaühistu

May 7, 2021

Rexplorer started cooperation with Energiaühistu

The Renewable Energy Cooperative in Estonia, Energiaühistu, will begin using the Rexplorer platform which helps to identify and evaluate the energy potential of land plots and simplify local energy production.

"Rexplorer offers an innovative tool for the initial assessment of renewable energy parks. In the future, you can also ask for a price offer for the construction and maintenance of the park and monitor the operation of the power plant in real-time, which is why we are happy to contribute to the development of the tool which helps to promote community energy“, commented Märt Helmja, Head of Energiaühistu.
Ilya Bolkhovsky, Taavi Sarnet, Kristiina Nauts

The platform utilizes various databases and an automated search system. It helps to find locations for solar and wind parks, where there are no restrictions and the environmental impact is minimal.

In the case of solar parks, solar radiation, grid connection possibilities, and shading from nearby objects are taken into account.

The platform also provides the best layout for both solar and wind parks and makes the necessary profitability calculations for the initial investment decision.

We will quickly find out whether it is possible to produce solar or wind energy on the desired land plot, offer the most optimal solution taking into account consumption patterns and make initial calculations regarding the profitability of the project.

With the help of Energiaühistu, Rexplorer can build a user-friendly application on the one hand and support the birth of community energy on the other.