⚡️ Climate Budgets – Energised #004

March 29, 2021

Carbon neutrality by 2050 – this is the goal that has been set by the EU Green Deal. But Estonia goes even further and implements a motivation package to ensure that local governments achieve it by 2030 🇪🇪💪

The EU Green Deal is set to prioritize energy efficiency and develop a power sector based largely on renewable sources.

Climate budget is a tool to reach climate goals. It's a framework that tells what should be done, when, and by whom to achieve target annual CO2 emissions. Today in Rexplorer, we work on a map-based platform with the most relevant data for climate budgets.

We make it easy to find the best suitable land plots for producing renewable energy.
We visualize an impact from renewable energy

A similar concept is already launched in Norway, where the first successful climate budgets were done in several municipalities (e.g. Oslo).

Municipalities play an important role in this transition towards a low-carbon society. Our platform should make it easier for them to reach the goal: just change the input parameters and observe the effects.

Together with our Norgewian partners, we plan to give municipalities an overview of the current green energy production, the potential effect of the new developments, and their current stage towards carbon neutrality.


Valdadel on energia- ja kliimakavadega pikk tee minna

How does the City of Oslo develop its Climate Budget and what does it actually mean