Working together for a green Europe

Rexplorer has been supported by the Norway Grants "Green ICT" programme

The aim of the project is to develop a platform that instantly analyses the natural conditions, costs, and restrictions for new solar and wind projects.

Our target groups are renewable energy developers, land owners, local communities, municipalities, end-customers, and technology providers.

The platform entails extensive data about the natural conditions and land-use restrictions in the Baltic and Scandinavia. It will enhance the efficiency of renewable energy planning and development. 

As an outcome, a fully functional application for Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Finnish and Norwegian markets to be developed.

Project implementation period:

15th of Oct, 2020 – 15th of Oct, 2022

Amount of the grant:

386 000 euros 


Project partners and executers:

Rexplorer OÜ helps renewable energy producers minimize risks and optimize work with geospatial analysis, SCADA, modeling, and visualizations.

Sunly OÜ is a renewable energy company active in the Baltic and surrounding markets. Sunly develops renewable energy projects and manages a portfolio of start-ups.

Vardar AS is a utility company investing in renewable energy production: hydro-power, wind power and bio energy. It is active in Norway, Sweden, and the Baltic.

Project Manager:

Ilya Bolkhovskiy (ilya.bolkhovskiy at

Our Mission is to radically improve customer experience in renewables and help more people join the community energy revolution.