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Rexplorer is a platform that analyses natural conditions, restrictions, and costs for renewable projects. We use real data and modelling to help you make optimal decisions in a click of a button.

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Discover the optimal layout for your solar or wind park.

We design the optimal layout of solar panels or wind turbines based on wind modeling, solar irradiation, efficiency and your consumption needs.

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Rexplorer calculates the best suitable setup for the renewable energy generation unit based on the analysis of solar irradiance and shading, wind speed, electricity grid capabilities, estimated consumption levels and patterns, best available technology, restrictions etc.

planning a wind park and analyzing wind speed
Solar park design and layoutSolar park design and layout
Solar park electricity production and consumption forecast

Create great presentations and communicate plans using wind park visualizations.

We help project developers present their development plan to local communities, municipalities and other participants through realistic wind park visualizations and noise modeling.

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wind park visualizationwind park visualization
wind park visualizationwind park planning and design

Optimize production and monitor power plant health.

Our SCADA system works to identify underperforming devices, fault causes and lower stoppage times for wind and utility scale solar parks.

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SCADA power plant dashboard
Modeling a solar installation

Model your solar park in just one click.

We model virtual solar parks for house and land owners to estimate costs, savings, solar energy potential and compare with other parks nearby.

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Guide municipalities towards carbon neutrality.

We determine the scope of a carbon budget, map the emissions and advise local municipalities.

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"If you want to effectively produce green energy, all your development steps have to be as effective as possible. And that's where Rexplorer shines."

Siim Paist, Development Lead @ Sunly

"Rexplorer's ability to analyze vast amounts of  data in a matter of seconds made a search of potential renewable energy sites so much easier!"

Klaus Pilar, Green Finance Manager @ Sunly

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The project is co-financed by the Enterprise Estonia as a part of an Estonian-Norwegian cooperation programme Green ICT.
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