Save up to €600 a year on your electricity bill
by joining an energy community.

A platform for neighbors to band together, estimate energy needs and potential,
and build a community solar park.

Meet with energy enthusiasts in your neighborhood:

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Most of us contribute to Estonia's emissions
as consumers of non-renewable energy.  

Here's an example:

Consumption 13 500 kWh
One family home
Four members
150 m2 house
Electricity heating
Consumption 13 500 kWh
Electricity bill now
134 €
With renewables
85 €
One family home
4 members
150 m2 house
Electrical heating
Electricity bill now
134 €
With renewables
85 €
Avoided emissions and equivalents: 1956 kg CO2e

Together we can change that.

Almost half of all energy in the EU
could be produced by citizens by 2050.

The benefits of community energy:

1. Pay less for electricity
2. Phase out fossil fuels
3. Invest what’s affordable
4. Support local economy
5. Self sufficient and independent community
5. Make your community stronger
5. Make your community stronger

Rexplorer helps neighbours to connect, estimate optimal production,
find suitable places, and verified suppliers.

We help enthusiasts like you to connect and build
a community together.
We estimate your energy needs for an optimal power plant configuration.
We instantly analyse areas to find suitable rooftops and unrestricted land plots.
We find you the best offers and support on every step – from paperwork to financing and consturction.

With an address or just a postal code,
we analyze hundreds of land plots
to find a place for your future solar park.

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Together, people can accomplish unbelievable things.

Together we’ve created:


The plane

The internet

But we have also created challenges, like pollution.

Did you know that Estonia is at the forefront of the EU countries
which emit the most CO2 per capita?

Map of European countries and their carbon intensity, Estonia is the darkest on the map.

We need a solution.

We must increase the share of renewables
and reduce Estonia’s emissions by 14.643 million t CO2e.

The community energy revolution starts from You!