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A newsletter about the environmental side
of renewable energy

Our platform now supports multiple countries, and Latvia is the second

The Latvian's state cadastral system and the local environmental restrictions are now available in the project developers' interface.

Ilya Bolkhovskiy

⚡️ Rexplorer started cooperation with Energiaühistu

We are now offering our expertise and support to Energiaühistu and its members. Energiaühistu will begin using the Rexplorer platform which helps to identify and evaluate the energy potential of land plots and simplify local energy production.

Kristiina Nauts

⚡️ Local governments - Energised #005

What do local authorities think about renewable energy developments? They are the ones who need to process these projects, approve them, help the people with advice and strength, and balance the interests of the local community and developers.

Kristiina Nauts

⚡️ Climate Budgets – Energised #004

The Estonian Government is implementing a motivation package to ensure that local governments achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Rexplorer is building a map-based platform with the most relevant data for climate budgets.

Ilya Bolkhovskiy

⚡️Energised #003

The latest startup kitchen news is out 👨‍🍳👉 During the past four months, we've updated our land plot search tool, interviewed solar users and municipalities, hired talented interns, and launched a new website.

Ilya Bolkhovskiy

⚡️Energised #002

In this issue, we'll take a look at the latest platform's changes, the events, and workshops that already happened.

Ilya Bolkhovskiy